Aux confluents de l’Akiawenhrahk

Aux confluents de l'Akiawenhrahk

Aux confluents de l’Akiawenhrahk follows on from Yahndawa’: portages entre Wendake et Québec (2020-2022), an exchange built by the Wendat collective and VU, in which artists from both communities were invited to collaborate and co-create, with the support of arts organizations. In February 2023, Ahkwayaonhkeh, a new Wendat artist-run centre, was launched.

Ahkwayaonhkeh and VU have therefore decided to join forces to continue cultivating relationships between the two artistic communities with a view to living better together. The aim of this alliance is, among other things, to develop more inclusive collaborations and practices for artists and organizations. From an organizational point of view, it will be an opportunity to exchange ideas, question, and rethink existing structural models in our artistic community.

In this spirit, Ahkwayaonhkeh will take over one of VU's galleries for the year 2023-2024, offering its first programming. Training and awareness-raising workshops will also be offered to members of both artistic communities. In fall 2024, a digital publication will be put online to make accessible the approaches, learning and reflections developed during the process.

To put our wishes and values into action, we will be accompanied by La Boîte Rouge Vif, an organization whose mandate is the preservation, transmission, and enhancement of community cultural heritage through a co-creative approach. The Kwatriho'tat committee (meaning "let's all listen very carefully") - comprising three members from each centre - will ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Each month, a section of our respective newsletters will be devoted to alliance activities.

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This project is made possible thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Strategic Innovation Fund.

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