Becoming a member

Becoming a member of Ahkwayaonhkeh means taking part in the birth of the very first Wendat artist-run centre! If you'd like to support our mission, and take part in our activities and assemblies, we offer various types of membership.

  • Active members
Any Wendat person interested in the organization's mission and activities.
Members in this category have voting rights and may be elected to the Board of Directors.

  • Friend members
Any native (non-Wendat) or non-indigenous person interested in the organization's mission and activities.
This category of member does not have voting rights.

  • Benefactor members
Any member (active or friend) wishing to pay a contribution significantly higher than the annual fee.

Annual membership fee (all categories): $25

To receive the membership form, please contact  or call 367-382-6062.

Eventually, the center will offer the following resources and services:

- Access to the center's documentation center
- Help with writing an artist's resume
- Help with creating a website
- Help with writing a grant application

* The Ahkwayaonhkeh artist-run centre, aiming to be a healthy and respectful environment for both its members and employees, has adopted an anti-harassment policy.

Useful links

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